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Joining Jr. Blades will accelerate your skater's learning and prepare them for next level hockey. Our program focuses on Our Mission and prepares your skater to become a true part of a team.

Blades Hockey Association



Blades Hockey aims to build a championship caliber program at all levels,  through a team centered approach.  Our teams are structured to develop players skills, but playing together within a system that builds great teams.   

Blades will develop players skill sets and hockey IQ on the ice, but more importantly develop winners off the ice as well.  Our players will become winners at home, in the classrooms and in the community.   We know a successful hockey player is more than just having success on the ice.  

We are committed to our players, and helping them achieve their personal goals.  Whether aiming to play at the highest level in youth hockey, playing in High School, College or beyond.  Blades Hockey program listens to each player, and helps develop the path to take them to the next level.   

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Contact Us

Blades Hockey Association

Phone: 385-262-5147